Basic Information about HVAC System and Why We Need This System

09 Jun

You may or may not give so much about the HVAC system in your home not until you have some problems in your living comfort, whether your home is getting hotter or colder. The official description of HVAC is heating, ventilation and air conditioning, of which the system serves as the instrument that gives us environment comfort in our home. HVAC Philadelphia system has two kinds, and these are the residential system fit to handle the day to day air and heating of residences, and the commercial systems which are usually customized according to the needs of the business and is thus more complex.

As we look at the residential needs, the system is further categorized into two basic kinds which homeowners would decide which one would install based on their needs or preference. The first kind is that system where the water flows through the pipes in the unit and then heat or cool air is radiated, and thus it is called radiant system or radiator. The second type is the forced air system, which pushes air through a fan and into the ducts, and is the more common type used nowadays, and it can also be heated during wintertime through the furnace coils. In the forced air system, either electricity or gas is used as fuel.

Usually, a typical HVAC unit would last on the average of about fifteen years as its life expectancy. This is on the condition of course that you regularly maintain the unit by changing the duct filters every few months so that there is a high quality of air in your home.

To decide if you need a new HVAC unit system or just have the old unit repaired will be answered best by a licensed repairman. Other deciding factors that you can consider to support whether you need a new unit or not are the length of time you had the current unit, if the current unit has sustain some damages because of the weather and other circumstances, or if to begin with the unit was already faulty, and others.  Be mindful also if your system does not work, or it shuts down all of a sudden, or it blows cold air instead of warm and vice-versa.

It is thus advisable that aside from talking to your local repairman about your unit, that you are also know some things about your HVAC system so it will be easier for you to make a decision of whether buying a new one or just repair the current unit.

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